Feb 092014

BOE Chairman Bill Kraut and Supt. Lynn McMullin at a recent BOE meeting.

BOE Chairman Bill Kraut and Supt. Lynn McMullin at a recent BOE meeting.

BOE Meeting: Upstairs Conference Room – BOE Offices Time of BOE Meeting: 7:30 P.M.

I Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance & Mission Statement
The Orange Elementary School District recognizes that the education of each child is the shared responsibility of every
member of our community.

Our goal is to inspire and empower each student to achieve academic excellence, embrace social and individual
responsibility, and lead with integrity. We believe all individuals should be valued and treated with respect.

Together we will make a difference.

II Public Participation:
1. General Participation
2. Introduction to Full Day Kindergarten – Lynn McMullin
3. Kindergarten Full Day Participation
Speakers may offer objective comments to the Board concerning subjects that lie within its jurisdiction, i.e. school operations and
programs. Comments will be limited to two (2) minutes per speaker. The Board encourages speakers not to express personal complaints
or defamatory comments about the Orange Board of Education personnel or any person associated with the Orange Public School System.
Comments about security issues, matters related to due process, negotiations, or grievances will not be permitted. Consistent with the
principles of the Federal Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA), discussions about students are prohibited absent a written parent
waiver. Questions which can be answered during the meeting may be answered at the option of the Board. Inquiries which may require
analysis/investigations will, at the option of the Board, be answered at a future specified time.

III Correspondence
1. Two thank you notes from staff members – “Books in Memory”
2. Three parent/citizen letters
IV Consent Agenda
1. BOE Regular Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2014
2. Approval of Bills – January 2014
V Presentation – Mrs. Byrd – Special Education Accomplishments in 2012-2013 & Goals for 2013-2014
VI Superintendent’s Report
VII Board Business
1. 2013/2014 Budget Update – Mr. McNabola
2. Kindergarten Full Day Pilot Proposal – Ms. McMullin
3. Second Read – Policy 9110 – Number of Members, Term of Office, Oath of Office – Mr. Kraut
Policy 9214 – Number of Members & Elections – Mr. Kraut
4. 2014-2015 Draft Student Calendar – Ms. McMullin
5. Building & Grounds Sub Committee Recommendations – Mr. Cap
Motion: Recommendation – Hiring a Structural Engineer
Motion: Retention of AIG to Remediate Peck Place
6. Out of State Field Trip Permission – Race Brook & Turkey Hill Schools – Mr. Kraut

VIII Standing Committees
1. Finance and Insurance- Mr. Robert Ricciardi
2. Personnel/Transportation & Policy- Mrs. Jody Dietch
3. Building & Grounds – Mr. Jeff Cap
4. Long Range Planning – Mrs. Deanna Pucillo
5. Schools of the 21st Century/Food Services – Mr. Keith Marquis
6. Health & Wellness – Ms. Susan Riccio
7. Technology – Mr. Jeff Cap
8. Safety & Security – Mr. Bobby Ricciardi

IX Adjournment of Meeting

* Item may require an executive session

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