Feb 142014

Kathleen Feng Prepares  for her second foul shot.

Kathleen Feng Prepares for her second foul shot.

Senior Night (or Day) in any sport is special. It’s a time when the parents of the talented senior athletes finally have their moment in the spotlight — much less than the proverbial 15 minutes of fame. And, of course, for the athletes to shine.

On Valentine’s Day, Friday, Feb. 14, the Lady Spartans had a very special night, after being behind Sacred Heart throughout the entire game they experienced a miracle in the fourth quarter.

Elise Graham was the high scorer for Amity with 10 points, followed by Mikaila Schmitt and Kathleen Feng each with 6 points; Chloe Brinton, 5 points; Rachel Nevolis 3 points; then Molly Ronan and Ashley Wu each adding 1 point.

But it was Kathleen Feng, who was pushed and knocked to the ground in the final seconds of the game, affording her two foul shots.

With the weight of the world on her shoulders Kathleen tied the game 31-31 with her first shot. Coach Michelle Martinik called for a time out, then Kathleen took her place for her second shot.

She sank it with just 5 seconds left on the clock (#32 made the 32nd and winning point).

Sacred Heart got the ball and furiously tried to score, but it was all over.

Every single point counted in this game.

This game was intense and Sacred Heart was at least 1 point ahead of Amity all four quarters.

Sacred heart was first to post with a 3 pointer, Amity answered with 2 points. and so on.

1st quarter    Amity 7; Sacred Heart 8

2nd quarter  Amity 19; Sacred Heart 22

3rd quarter  Amity 20; Sacred Heart 29  — This by far was the highest point spread.

4th quarter  Amity 32; Sacred Heart 31

Both teams played to win, and it was heartbreaking for Sacred Heart and their fans to lose this game when it seemed to be going their way for nearly two hours.

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