Feb 192014

If you can't see the side arms, firefighters can't use it.

If you can’t see the side arms, firefighters can’t use it.

Last Saturday, members of the Orange Volunteer Fire Department gathered at the firehouse at 9 a.m.

They split into crews, took their assignments and went on Fire Hydrant Duty.

Each crew went around to different neighborhoods and cleared out fire hydrants that had been buried by the most recent snowfall — or had been covered by a passing snowplow.

In many cases the hydrants were located directly in front of someone’s home, but had never been cleared by the resident.

Here is a VIDEO of three firefighters shoveling out a hydrant on Route 34 directly in front of the CT DOT Garage.

They arrived and  immediately started working — 2 1/2 minutes later, the hydrant was cleared.

After a couple of hours of hydrant duty, the volunteer firefighters also responded to a couple of calls.

If you have a hydrant in front of your home, or near your property please take a few seconds, or minutes to clear around it when the snow goes up to or above the side arms where the firefighters need to attach the hoses. If they can’t get a wrench in to open it, then they can’t use it.


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