Mar 242014

In Orange dogs must be on a leash.

In Orange dogs must be on a leash.

After Orange Live published a story on March 13 about a man who allowed his little, unleashed dog to attack puppies at High Plains, many readers asked whether or not there was an ordinance against letting dogs run free.

Yes, there is, it’s known as Town Ordinance 307-9 “Orange Open Space Lands Dog Rules & Etiquette.”

It states:

Over the last several years, people have allowed their dogs to degrade the environment, jeopardize people’s safety, and compromise non-dog owners’ visits to open space lans.

To protect our natural lands and to ensure that all visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience, the following rules should be followed:

• Dogs must be kept on leash and close to their owners

• Dogs must be kept on designated trails

• Dogs must be kept out of streams and rivers, and away from waterways’ fragile banks

• All dog feces must be picked up and disposed of properly.

Editor’s Note: There is a plastic bag dispenser at the entrance to the walking path around the fairgrounds if you didn’t remember to bring your own for dog feces pick up. If you have plastic bags to contribute, please leave them for others to use. 

Until the planned dog park is opened in Orange, there is a fenced in area at the rear of the Orange Fairgrounds where you may let your dog off-leash to play with other dogs. 

Do NOT allow your dog in the enclosure if it has issues with other dogs. 




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