Mar 262014

elementary school bandA notice from Supt. Lynn McMullin:

We are only two years into a full instrumental music program in Orange, and already our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade players are talented enough to march in  the Memorial Day Parade this year.  As near as we can tell, there hasn’t been an elementary marching band since the early 80’s.

In order to march with pride and confidence, the kids need uniforms and light-weight percussion instruments. We have selected a simple orange T-shirt and black dress pants for their first appearance. Students will wear the same uniforms for concerts and other band performances.

There are only two months to go before the parade (Sunday, May 25) and the students still need instruments and uniforms to make it happen.

The Orange Elementary Marching Band has a fundraising site for new uniforms and percussion instruments.

The goal is $10,000.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are many T-shirt businesses in the area, wouldn’t it be wonderful if one of them donated all the shirts? Orange Live will be sure to let everyone know about your generosity if you do. 


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