Jul 012014

thOrange has become quite the recycling town, more and more homeowners have made recycling a regular part of their daily routine and recyclable materials are being recycled instead of going into landfills.

Now, if only everyone would properly use the recycling containers in public places instead of tossing their trash into them.

Following is a message from Recycling Committee Chairman Mitch Goldblatt:

I had a meeting today with Rich Antonucci from City Carting and Chris Small from Parks and Recreation to discuss recycling for this Saturday’s concert and fireworks.

Last year, Parks and Rec put out 14 barrels which were overrun with garbage and recycling.

This year we will have the following:

20 trash barrels AND

20 large (96 gallon) recycling bins

Each bin will be next to each barrel, so we are hoping for excellent participation from the concert-goers to recycle.

I am especially thankful to Rich and Chris, as well as Dan Lynch for helping to set up today’s meeting.

City Carting will be picking up the recyclables on Monday, July 7 and leaving behind 6 of the 20 recycling bins. These will be used for upcoming events throughout the summer including the other concerts, the Lobsterfest, picnics at the pavilion, etc.

The Orange Firemen’s Carnival contracts disposal services separately and we will discuss the Country Fair when I get more details of their operation and after we see how this goes.

Looking forward to a great concert, great fireworks, and great recycling!


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