Sep 152014

Deer Hunting Season Begins Nov. 20.

Deer Hunting Season Begins Nov. 20.

Hikers beware, deer hunting season begins today. The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Website has the full schedule of the deer hunting season for all methods (bow hunting, shotguns, rifles and muzzle loaders) available for review.

• If you are a hiker, you must be sure to make yourself visible in the woods. Invest in something blaze orange that will clearly identify you as a human. And if your hiking companion is a canine, be sure to dress him/her in a bright orange vest as well.

• Experts say “Do not wear white during hunting season.” A quick flash of white in a wooded area could be mistaken for a deer’s tail. Don’t wear earth tones so you don’t blend in.

• Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.

• Be fully aware of what animals hunters are looking for: deer, turkey, etc. and know where they are most likely to be.

• Carry a flashlight, just in case you are stuck inside the woods after dark. This will be useful in a variety of ways

• Make a lot of noise, carry a whistle. If you hear shooting near you, call out to alert hunters that there are humans in the woods.

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