Dec 092014

2014-09-14_19-13-34If you signed up for the Santa’s Helper fundraiser, don’t forget, that Santa will be on the road with the Orange Volunteer Firefighters and special helpers between 2-8 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 14.

The Santa’s Helper program is now in its 20th year and I’ve joined them just about every year, going from house to house, seeing the joy on the firefighter’s faces and the way the children’s faces light up when they get a personal visit from Santa.

I’ve also seen the disappointment in the team’s faces when they arrive at a home and no one answers the door.

Santa goes from “Ho Ho Ho” to “Oh, oh, no!” when he has to leave a sackful of gifts outside the door instead of being able to hand them to the children himself.

Back at Fire Headquarters “Santa Central” Elf Mama will be busy keeping everyone on track and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Just be sure to be home between 2-8 p.m. and although the children will be anxious, the wait is always worthwhile once you hear the fire sirens as the fire trucks approach your house.

Adults should be patient too. Remember, Elf Mama has been working on planning this event for the past 9 months at all hours of the day and night. It is well organized and planned out to run like clockwork. Also, since the firefighters are helping Santa, they still have an obligation to the town, so if a call comes in they have to leave and resume their Santa route when they are done with the emergency call.

The routes are strategically mapped out to optimize the team’s time. Constantly calling the fire department will not make them come to your house any faster. So, just be patient and trust in Elf Mama’s 20 years of planning expertise.

Maybe I’ll see you on Sunday.

Early weather forecasts promise a comfortable, dry day for Sunday.

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