Jan 202015

IMG_1019The Amity Boys Swimming Team went up against Daniel Hand at the Orange Town Pool Tuesday night, Jan. 20.
At this meet, the Spartans came out on top, defeating the Tigers 99-86.
The Spartans’ standouts were Ben Clemens who was in 4 winning events; Zac Babbitz, Colin Roy and Ben Bacal each with 3 winning events.
Hand’s top swimmer was Paul O’Connor who won two of his team’s four winning events.
Amity’s Winning Events: 
 200 yard Medley Relay: A- 1:46.67 Dan Madsen, Ben Clemens, Sergey Savelyev, Colin Roy
IMG_1159200 yard Freestyle: A- 1:58.52 Zac Babbitz
50 yard Freestyle: A- 24.08 Colin Roy
100 yard Butterfly: A-58.52 Ben Bacal
100 yard Freestyle: A- 51.14 Ben Clemens
200 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:39.01 Kevin Zhao, Ben Bacal, Colin Roy, Zac Babbitz
100 yard Breaststroke: A- 1:01.78 Ben Clemens
400 yard Freestyle Relay: A- 3:38.46 Zac Babbitz, Dan Madsen, Ben Bacal, Ben Clemens
IMG_1048Hand’s Winning Events:
200 Ind. Medley: H- 2:12.33 Paul O’Connor
Diving: H- 168.00 Declan Maloney
500 yard Freestyle: H- 5:13.30 Paul O’Connor
100 yard Backstroke: H- 1:01.59 Michael Healey
 Records: Amity (3-1), Hand (5-3)

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