Feb 022015

IMG_2911The Lady Spartans had a tough competitor for their Senior Night game on Jan. 30.

The hard-working Amity team went up against Lauralton Hall in Woodbridge.

But before the two teams hit the court, the senior class members took a bow and no one was moved as much as senior captain Janaya Young, who was sidelined by an injury all season long.

As the game began she symbolically took her place on the court, and overcome with emotion, she soon walked over to sit with her teammates. Still, her inability to play the game she loves and excelled at in past seasons, didn’t squash her spirit as she cheered the Ladies on.

Lauralton quickly dominated the game finishing the first quarter 12-4. The continued their crusade, hitting hard and went into the half with a 27-12 lead.

The Lady Spartans fought back in an exciting third quarter, raking in 19 points and pulling into the lead 32-31.

Sadly, for Amity fans, the Lauralton girls would not have any of that and continued their assault slamming the Lady Spartans with interceptions and foul shots.

And Lauralton was victorious 53-44.

Lauralton’s Amethyst Barzee, a junior, was the Crusaders’ high scorer with 16 points.

Amity’s Elise Graham was the game’s top scoring player with 21, followed by Molly Dragan with 14.



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