Feb 022015

CERT_logoA message from the Orange CERT:

During the winter months, we ask town residents to “adopt” a hydrant and keep it clear of snow in case our fire fighters need to get to them.

Most residents already do this and we would love to get as many hydrants “adopted” this year.

If you’re already committed to clearing a hydrant or if you’re interested in doing it, please give us your information.  This will help out your town and fire fighters tremendously.

For any further information contact Lisa Hartshorn at lahart2269@gmail.com.

Thank you from your Orange CERT team.

Here is a VIDEO of three firefighters clearing a hydrant on Route 34 — the 3 minutes or more that it takes to shovel around a hydrant could make a world of difference should there be a fire at your home, or a neighbor’s home.

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