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Jim Kaoud in his Orange office.

Jim Kaoud in his Orange office.

Kaoud Oriental Rug has been in business in Orange since 1962. The business itself began in New Haven in 1954,  so this year will be the Kaoud Rug’s 60th Anniversary.

Jim Kaoud, who grew up in the business and came in to help his father in 1984. They’ve been running the business together since then. They own two stores, one at 463 Boston Post Road, Orange and the other at 594 Boston Post Road in Guilford

The current Orange location has been home to Kaoud Oriental Rug since 1987. So why after 27 years in one place do customers still walk in and say, “I never knew you were here.”

Several weeks ago, Orange Live sat down with Jim in his office to talk business — his business.

If you are looking for a new rug you may wonder what the difference is between a Kaoud rug and a really pretty rug you see in a famous name big box furniture store.

Jim said each rug is selected for color, design, and style to compliment what the customer really wants.

“We strive on getting the best quality merchandise we can find. We take care of the quality and bring it to the customer for approval on their colors and designs,” he said. “We’re very quality oriented.” 

Believe it or not, the cost of a rug at Kaoud is not much more than that which you may find in a furniture store or online. (Kaoud meets all online pricing from all the major manufacturers.)

Kaoud has rugs ranging in price from $600 to $60,000 for a room-sized rug. It’s up to the customer whether they want something machine-made or an investment grade antique.

“Good quality rugs tend to take care of themselves, everyday spills can be cleaned up with soapy water and a brush,” Jim said. “They stay cleaner better and longer than lower quality rugs that absorb stains and don’t let them go.”

The store now also offers quality broadloom carpet that won’t break the bank. Come in and check out this new section of the store. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Customers Come First

At Kaoud, they enjoy what they do and strive to bring the best quality products for the best price to their customers.

Kaoud also offers excellent customer service, from assisting them in choosing a rug to cleaning, servicing and restoring their fine rugs.

Jim said he tried expanding the business to include furniture several years ago but it just wasn’t for him.

“Furniture is so inanimate, a rug is more vibrant and has more life in a room than the piece of wood sitting on it,” he said. “When you grow up in a business like this, you obviously have to like what you do. We’ve always been in rugs, and we’ll always be in rugs.”

Unlike big box stores, Kaoud is not bound to package deals and it doesn’t sell items based on a commission. Quality materials and customer satisfaction is what drives this business.

“A rug is the foundation of a room, get the rug first, have it appeal to your heart and then decorate around it,” he said. “It’s easier to buy furniture to match the colors of a rug you love than the other way around.”

Another Passion

Kaoud Oriental Rugs strongly supports the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital Toy Closet. Every year Jim collects new, unwrapped toys for the cause and gives donating customers 10% off purchases.

His wife, Kristina, who owns the adjoining Material Girls Boutique also offers discount promotions for toy donations.

Contributing to the Toy Closet is something the Kaoud family enjoys and, in a way, getting donations trumps making bigtime sales during the holidays.

Both stores were able to contribute box loads of donated toys to the hospital.

Pay him a visit

If you’ve never been to Kaoud Oriental Rug or are not sure (after 27 years) where it’s located, it’s in between Chef’s Emporium and Pet Supplies Plus, across the street from Prime 16 and Cellini Jewelers.

• In 2013 and 2014, Kaoud Oriental Rug was voted Number 1 in New Haven Living Magazine.

Go visit the store and tell Jim you saw it on Orange Live.

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