Feb 182015

State Rep. Pam Staneski with local veterans in Hartford.

State Rep. Pam Staneski with local veterans in Hartford.

State Rep. Pam Staneski (Orange & Milford) submitted testimony to the legislature’s Veterans’ Affairs Committee on her proposal to assist veteran-owned businesses in procuring state contracts.

The bill, HB 5952, An Act Establishing a Preference in the Award of State Contracts For Veteran-Owned Businesses received a public hearing in the Veterans committee on Tuesday, Feb. 17.

“In this economic environment we need to do what we can to help returning veterans on their entry into our workforce here in Connecticut,” Staneski sai. “We need to do what we can to make the transition from military life to being a successful member of our business community as smooth as possible.”

Former Post Commander Lawrence Czajkowski, of the Orange American Legion Post #127 who was accompanied by fellow Post member Sylvester Salcedo, also testified saying,Veterans are presently superceded  by other minorities in state procurement dollars, this bill would include vets in the minority process & give them access to set-aside state dollars. What better way to spend state dollars than on a veteran, we need to create jobs for our younger returning veterans, I plan to mentor those vets to take advantage of state projects.”

Czajkowski added, “Veterans, disabled & otherwise, should be at the top of the priority list for state projects & spending.”

Supporting this legislation gives us the tools to help those who served that much more. It will also assist those businesses where the veterans have harnessed entrepreneurial spirit to make their business successful and have taken those risks.

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