Apr 262015

Officer Mary Bernegger and K-9 Trant

Officer Mary Bernegger and K-9 Trant

From the OPD Facebook Page:

The Orange Police Department offered a Citizen’s Academy this Spring to interested area residents.

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, Officer Mary Bernegger and K-9 Trent made a presentation to the group. Officer Bernegger demonstrated Trent’s ability to locate drugs by scent.

Trent is a Labrador Retriever trained and certified to sniff out marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, hashish, synthetic marijuana (Spice/bath salts), steroids, MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly), and opiates (heroin).

Officer Bernegger first demonstrated a ‘people search’ using students from the class. Selectwoman Judy Williams volunteered to hold the test drugs while Trent searched all the students by scent.

Trent alerted to the drug location by sitting nearby. Officer Bernegger confirmed the find, then rewarded Trent for his effort. The ‘lineup of suspects’ was shuffled, and Trent located the drugs again.

Trent then demonstrated a more open search by finding test drugs that had been hidden inside a wall cabinet. He alerted to the drugs, and was again rewarded for his efforts.

From his first day just under a year ago to date, Trent has already located over thirty pounds of drugs, all of which were seized by officers and taken off of the streets.


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