May 302015

Sandals, not the smart choice.

Sandals, not the smart choice.

Are you planning to participate in the 2015 Relay for Life? The first aid providers ask that you choose wisely when picking out your footwear the day.

Last year, the first aid station was busy with dirty, cut and bloodied feet, many with ripped toe nails. After the first 4 or 5 they figured out that each of the patients was either walking barefoot or wearing flip flops.

The thing about the walking track around the Orange Fairgrounds is that it is not paved, rather the surface is cut stone, not rounded tumbled stones, but sharp little rocks that act like shards of glass on bare feet.

Open sandals may be good for showing off a pedicure, but they are not good for walking several miles on a crushed stone surface.

The Relay Organizers’ main goal is to raise money to help fight cancer, but they also want all of the participants to have a safe and memorable time.



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