Jul 102015

Stasia Packard

Stasia Packard

Back in 1988 Stasia Packard accepted a job as the Public Works Office Manager at Orange Town Hall. For 27 years she faithfully served in this position, always with a smile on her face always on top of everything and simply a pleasure to be around.

Town Engineer Bob Hiza, who retired briefly, then returned on the condition that Stasia would still be there for him, presented her with her “gift” before a crowded room of fellow town employees and friends.

Instead of a gold watch or a gift certificate or trip, Stasia requested everyone donate $20 to benefit the CT Burn Care Foundation.

Her wish was that at least ONE child suffering from painful or disfiguring burns could go to a “burn camp” with other burn victims. “They can’t go to regular camp,” she said.

Selfless to the end, that is Stasia Packard. She will be missed. Click HERE for video of her farewell speech.

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