Nov 042015

ONLY Esposito from Line A won the election.

ONLY one person from Line A won in this election.

Last evening Orange Live received a chart with all the election results from which we based our final story.

Although, there was an error that needs to be clarified.

Seven candidates ran for a seat on the Amity Board of Education, 3 Republicans, 4 Democrats. There were only 4 available openings.

All 3 Republicans,  John Belfonti 2,615, Tracy Russo 2,590, and Christopher Browe 2,427, won their bids. Democrat Amy Esposito 2,147 also is on the Board BUT Judy Primavera 1,817 and David Oestreicher 1,636 Will NOT serve as members of the ABOE as originally depicted in the chart. 

Although this error was not Orange Live’s doing, it did appear on our site and we regret any concerns it may have caused.


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