Jan 222016

Snow PlowsWith the first winter storm of 2016 on our doorstep, rest assured that the Orange Highway Department is more than ready to make the roads safe for everyone —before, during and after the snowfall.

Highway Foreman Donny Foyer said, “We’re all set, just waiting for the first flakes to fall, then we’ll throw some salt down and get out there and plow when we have to.”

The entire highway crew and seven outside town-approved contractors are prepared to go.

Foyer said that the anticipated snowfall is manageable, with just about 6-inches forecast for our area.

“We’ve dealt with worse,” Foyer said. “This one comes at a good time with not too much traffic, and the schools are closed.”

He also reminds residents that there is a town ordinance forbidding on-street parking from November-April, so, keep your cars in the driveway.



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