Feb 212016

COPoisoning-process-s470x247Orange Volunteer Fire Department personnel and Fire Marshal responded to a home on Peck Lane for a possible carbon monoxide problem around 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon.

According to Fire Marshal Tim Smith, four residents went to the Emergency Room because they were not feeling well.

Hospital staff suspected carbon monoxide poisoning and called the Orange dispatch.

Responding firefighters found “very high” levels of CO and the house filled with smoke. They vented the home.

Smith said he found the furnace chimney was either completely blocked or the liner had collapsed, causing all the furnace gases to back up into the home.

The furnace was shut off and the building official tagged the furnace out of service and posted the home as untenable until repairs are made.

Smith stressed, “I can’t say it enough how important smoke and CO alarms are!”

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