Mar 262016

UPDATE: We believe this issue has been resolved thanks to our techie Dave. We’ll know for sure with tomorrow morning’s mailing. 

For the past two days, subscribers to our FREE daily e-mail blast have been asking, “What’s going on with my Orange Live e-mail service?”

When they open the e-mail, which normally contains links to current stories on Orange Live, they see this instead …

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 4.39.47 PM

Not only is this embarrassing for us, since there is plenty of content to share, and obviously frustrating for readers.

The Mail Chimp service does not offer customer service help unless you pay for a premium upgrade (and answers don’t come easily). Since Orange Live may as well be a non-profit organization we don’t have money to throw around and have to trouble shoot this problem on our own.

In the meantime we ask for your patience, and until the problem is resolved, please log onto Orange Live manually each day for your local news (NOT out-of-town news disguised as hometown information) as part of your morning routine.

Thank You for understanding and for your continued dedication to Our site.

Terri Miles and Ron Haas


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