Jul 182016

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.09.55 AMAn important message from Orange Tax Collector Sandra Pierson:

To avoid paying interest on your tax bills, PAY EARLY, and make sure

 The correct bill number is listed on all checks and on-line checks,

 Checks must be signed,

 Written amount must be legible and match the numeric amount,

 Your check must be written in pen.

 Payment coupon should be enclosed with payment

 If you pay with an on-line check be sure to make your financial institution aware of the

8/1/16 date.

As the last day to pay approaches, the office is extremely busy. If you mail in a payment U.S. postmarked on or prior to August 1, 2016 it is considered on time even if we don’t process it until after that date.

If your check is returned for any reason your original post mark doesn’t apply. A replacement check must be postmarked by August 1, 2016 to be considered on time.

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