Aug 102016

Orange Police Headquarters

Orange Police Headquarters

The Orange Police Commission met on Monday Aug. 9 at Police Headquarters. 

Following are notes from that meeting.

Traffic Authority

Orange Train Station Complex — Tom Daley, Ed Crowley presenting. 

Daley showed the commissioners the the plans that were previously presented with minimal modifications. He said it received the Zoning Commission’s approval, and now they have to go before the Town Plan & Zoning Commission with the site plan.

He said there were no changes to the plan, but he needed the Police Chief’s signature before he could present to the TP&Z.

For our Orange Live readers who’ve been following this, the part of the train station plans he’s talking about involves a mixed use building with 200 1 and 2 bedroom (rental) residential units, retail area, parking for residents, a road that goes to Yale campus making it easier for Yale employees to access the future Orange Train Station. A portion of the 5-story parking garage also has a dedicated area for residents.

A circular driveway can be used for drop offs and pick ups. There also is a taxi area, and a 566 parking space commuter parking lot.

The developers are working with a property owner for the use of a tiny strip of land so they can add a two lane exit to the plans. 

Daley said he was going before the TP&Z next week and the Board of Selectmen this week.

He said the CT Department of Transportation now has an RFP (request for proposal) out and a consultant is doing an environmental impact study.

So, when will all of this building begin?

The State has to build the train platform before any of the residential construction can begin (Phase 1). Marsh Hill Road will be widened a little and the road will be re-striped.

He said they’ve been working on this since 2000 and hope to break ground by 2017, but with so many factors in play on the state side, he can’t give a definitive answer now.

The commission UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED the plans, and Chief Gagne signed the paperwork. 

Traffic Light

Gagne informed the commission that the state is working on a left turn on Route 34 East at Baldwin Road and a traffic light would be installed in 2018.

Former Staples Building

Fuss and O’Neil ran their plans by Chief Gagne which showed they would not make changes to the parking lot since the proposed medical offices will draw about as much traffic as the store did.


A resident requested a crosswalk be put on Orange Center Road at High Plains Drive.

During the commission discussion, Chief Gagne said there’s not a strong pedestrian usage, there are no sidewalks and there is a crosswalk just 2/10 of a mile down the road. It doesn’t meet the state parameters and there isn’t a lot of demand for it, so the commission would not be recommending it to the state. 

Police Commission

Asst. Chief Tony Cuozzo presented the department’s activities for the month of July. 

He said in July several cars were entered and rummaged through. During this spree, ONE home was entered, a laptop was taken and the car stolen. (No locations provided for any of these incidents)

He added that on Sunday, Aug. 8, a car was stolen on Estelle Court. Luckily it was equipped with OnStar and quickly located.


A total of $293.55 was raised from the sale of reports, permits, fingerprints, etc.

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