Sep 112016

country-fair-collageThere are several boy scout Eagle projects that can be seen around the Orange Country fair, including: the barn shaped ticket booth; many of the green benches; the security screening at the Youth displays, the photo display  walls, and the judging booth for the tractor pull events.

At this year’s Orange Country Fair, there are two more Eagle scout projects from Troop 925 that deal with the past and the future.

The project dealing with the past is Trevor Feldman’s project to create You Tube videos featuring local farmers explaining items in the farm museum. So bring your ipads and smart phones to take this video tour when you walk through the farm museum.

Joe Antaya’s Eagle scout project was to build 20 easels to raise awareness of organ donations. Most of these easels are being displayed at All Star driving school, but two of them will appear at town and school functions. The two easels will be on display at the Orange police tent. Designating yourself as an organ donor today can save lives in the future.

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