Sep 182016

img_1035Officer Mary Bernegger and K-9 Trent did a presentation at the Orange Country Fair on Saturday at 1 p.m. The Orange Police Partners demonstrated Trent’s ability to locate drugs by scent.

Trent is a Labrador Retriever trained and certified to sniff out marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, crack cocaine, hashish, synthetic marijuana (Spice/bath salts), steroids, MDMA (Ecstasy/Molly), and opiates (heroin).

Bernegger laid out 5 bags (one containing a small amount of drugs) and 5 cardboard boxes (again, one of them had drugs inside) and asked Trent to “Seek,” which he happily did.

She said that when he found the drugs he would sit, and sit he did… once, twice… four times.

Then it was time for a line-up. five people stood in a line (one was carrying concealed drugs) and Trent had to alert Bernegger to the right individual. Click HERE for video.


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