Sep 232016

rob kennedy announceTonight the Amity Spartans Football Team (0-2) will take on the Jonathan Law Lawmen (1-1) at 7 p.m.

Both of the past games have been well-attended and fans have kept their enthusiasm through the last play.

Amity fans have noticed something different at their home games and some haven’t been exactly pleased.

Several years ago, back when Joey Choiniere was captain of the team, his dad, former football player Ed Choiniere, took over the announcing duties in the booth when longtime announcer Stan Gedansky fell ill on the first day of the season.

Ed stayed even after his youngest son graduated, and was tinkering with the idea of returning this year, until he moved out of the Amity region. (the commute would be a killer). So, Athletic Director Ernie Goodwin went looking for a replacement and found sports fan, Amity teacher Rob Kennedy who was willing to take the seat.

On his first night, the soloist for the National Anthem and Amity Band were not in sync, the numbers on the roster did not match the players on the team, and Kennedy did not have a spotter in the booth to help ID the athletes who made a play, and the scoreboard was not working.

When Kennedy called a number and said what the player had done, fans in the stands were heard saying, “He has a name Jack@**”

Kennedy heard this, but kept going til the end and he returned last week too.

Week 2 was much different. The soloist stood in front of the band, the roster was correct, a spotter showed up and the scoreboard worked fine – so did Kennedy.

“Mr. Choiniere made it look easy,” Kennedy said. “The first week was rough, but it will get better with time.”

You may miss Ed Choiniere, but remember, Rob Kennedy stepped in at the last minute to perform in front of one of the toughest audiences in his career. He teaches all day long, then hangs around until the game and goes home about 15-16 hours after he went to work in the morning.

So Please, if he makes a mistake, remember that YOU are not perfect and you’ve made mistakes too.

He is taking time away from his family to volunteer and provide you with this important coverage.

Appreciate the fact that he cares enough to want to do it.


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