Sep 292016

200 yard Freestyle Relay

200 yard Freestyle Relay

The Lady Spartans were on the road Thursday in North Haven.

Once again our girls performed well and won nearly every event in which they participated.
The Lady Spartans defeated the Indians 100 – 80
Amity’s Winning Events
200 Medley Relay: A- 1:57.95 Maggie Lasto, Megan Lasto, Vera Belfonti, Amanda Hendrick
50 Freestyle: A- 25.34 Megan Lasto
100 Butterfly: A- 1:02.09 Kate Alvarado
100 Freestyle: A- 58.30 Kalynna Hauser
500 Freestyle: A- 5:30.80 Kayleigh Foley
200 Freestyle Relay: A- 1:49.05 Kalynna Hauser, Kate Alvarado, Vera Belfonti, Amanda Hendrick
100 Backstroke: A- 1:05.24 Molly Cox
North Haven’s Winning Events
200 Freestyle: NH- 2:05.91 Lauren Spencer
Diving: NH- 178.50 Ava Santacroce
200 Ind. Medley: NH-2:16.32 Angela Gambardella

100 Breaststroke: NH- 1:09.48 Angela Gambardella

400 Freestyle Relay: NH- 4:31.47 Mackenzie Montesi, Abby Kirtland, Kiersten Winter, Avery Hill
Record: Amity (6-0)

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