Dec 092016

The 2016-17 Amity Spartans

The 2016-17 Amity Spartans

The Amity Spartans Boys’ Ice Hockey team hosted the Hamden Green Dragons in a scrimmage game on Wednesday night.

Both teams played hard in the first period and Amity scored its’f first goal with less than a minute remaining in the half.

Amity Goalie Tyler Johnston did a phenomenal job stopping every shot that came his way.

The second half showed the Dragons coming back with a vengeance, firing shot after shot at goal tender Tyler Cole. Within the first few minutes they pulled ahead of Amity 2-1. At 19:21 they brought the score to 3-1.

Three minutes later, the Spartans narrowed the margin 2-3.

With 9 minutes to go, the Dragons continued their assault and got another goal — 4-2.

Two minutes later, they pulled even further ahead —5-2.

With 3 minutes remaining Amity scored again — 3-5. But the Dragons would have none of that and got another past Cole with just 1:35 on the clock — 3-6.

Not to be left behind, Amity scored the final game goal as the clock wound down from 32:09.

The Spartans may have lost this scrimmage 4-6, but they showed a lot of skill and teamwork throughout the game.

The 2016-17 Amity Spartans are faster and stronger this year. They are scheduled to take a trip of a lifetime to Germany on Dec. 28, where they will play against teams from around the world and have an opportunity to learn some new tricks.

Who knows, this may be the Spartans year…in March 2014, they battled for the state championship title, only to come in second.

Amity may be a force to be reckoned with this year with talented Freshman players, experienced goalies. and many determined teammates, including the Amity Spartans Football kicker.

This is Head Coach Gary Lindren’s last hurrah. Next year, Asst. Coach Mike “Scooter” Richetelli will take he reins.

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