Feb 102017

On Saturday, February 4, ten members of the Amity Middle School Orange Math Team competed in the 2017 New Haven Chapter  Competition. 

The ten members of the team included Benjamin Bae, Ibrahim Cosar, Michael Haverstock, Srilekha Kadimi, Adarsh Kongani, Anibal Loureda, Brodey Lu, Armaan Patel, Nishaan Patel, and William Wei. 

Students have been practicing and preparing for this competition since the first AMSO Math Team meeting, which took place in beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.

Throughout the day long MATHCOUNTS competition, all members of the AMSO team competed in the sprint round and target round, which required students to use various skills such as speed, accuracy, problem solving, and mathematical reasoning. 

Four members of the AMSO Math Team (Armaan, Nishaan, Adarsh, and William) also competed in the MATHCOUNTS team round.  In this round, students needed to collaborate with one another and use their problem solving skills to solve ten math problems in twenty minutes.  

This four-member team finished fourth out of all teams that competed, which qualifies them to continue on to the MATHCOUNTS State Competition on Saturday, March 11. 

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