Apr 272017

Thanks to the 308 residents who voted YES to approve the bond referendum on April 18, the Orange Highway Department will be able to begin working on repairing some of the worst roads in town.

Four streets have been chosen for the spring project and the work will begin on May 31.

The areas are Treat Lane between Old Tavern and Ridge Road, Herbert Street, Meetinghouse “Hill” Ext., Peck Lane and Turkey Hill School.

The order has not yet been determined, but, according to OHD crew chief Don Foyer, The Southern CT Gas Company is extending its gas line on Peck Lane this spring, so the Highway Department will wait for them before making the necessary repairs there.

In the fall the pothole ridden Police and Highway Department driveways will be fixed.

Later this year the OHD will begin placing a 1-inch overlay on some side streets in preparation for the June 2018 Chip Seal work. That list of roads is not yet available.

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