Apr 272017

Case Memorial Library

An important message from the Case Memorial Library — and how you can help. 

Cuts to the Case Memorial Library’s staff budget, including the elimination of funding and a hiring freeze for an essential professional librarian position, forced the Case Memorial Library Commission to make the difficult decision to close the Library on Saturdays, effective June 3, until further notice.
Without funding and permission to fill essential staff positions, the library does not have adequate staffing to maintain its hours six days a week.

Let your town representatives know that you want your Library open six days a week.

Make your voice heard at the Public Hearing of the Orange Board of Finance:
Thursday, April 27, 7:30 p.m. at High Plains Cafeteria

  1. Tell them why the Library is important to you.
  2. Tell them you want the Library open six days a week.
  3. Tell them you want funding restored to the Case Memorial Library’s staff budget and vacant Library positions filled immediately.

If you can’t make it to the hearing, contact your representatives. Every phone call, every email, every letter counts

To contact First Selectman Jim Zeoli
Phone: 203-891-4737
Email: jzeoli@orange-ct.gov

To contact Chairman, Board of Finance, Kevin Houlihan
Email: khoulihan@1-hcpas.com

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