Jun 282017

On Monday, June 26, Alex Deangelo, 24, came to Town Hall to file some paperwork as a preliminary measure to become the Independent candidate for Orange First Selectman this fall.

A likable young man, Alex was raised in and has lived in Orange for 24 years. He went through the Orange school system, and Amity High School and he graduated from SCSU in May.

So why would someone so young want to run for a job like this?

He has nothing but praise and respect for the current first selectman. He said, “Jim Zeoli has done an outstanding job, you don’t serve for six terms for doing nothing, still the town is just ‘not there’ [in tune with the younger generation] yet.”

“The town is growing and changing and we need to bring forth more awareness of what’s going on in town. We need to get my generation involved,” Deangelo said. “There is so much new technology and we need fresh faces and new ideas. Millennials are the silent majority and we need to get them to come out and vote.”

He said people aren’t involved in what’s going on in town. “We have so much vacant Post Road real estate and vacant commercial properties and we need to figure out why. That’s prime real estate and we have to do something about it.”

Deangelo also said that there aren’t enough things for young adults to do in Orange. “I remember going to High Plains and the Mary L. Tracy playground when I was little and as I got older I noticed that people are still doing the same things. I think we’re stuck, and times are changing, but we’re not.”

He added, “There’s nothing for younger people to do in town. We need to add more events so people my age are more active. And my generation needs to step up and do their part in helping change Orange in the future.”

He added, “The concert series is great, but it’s more for adults, and kids are not enthused about it. We need to get different talent for the younger generation and start more fun activities that will interest them.”

He suggested a juice bar with a DJ somewhere on Friday nights for the younger residents.

Deangelo said his campaign will be all about hearing from the people in town finding out their needs, wants and concerns and do everything to the best of his ability to make things happen.

Deangelo still needs to obtain 44 signatures on a petition to run as an independent and once that paperwork is approved he will go full throttle.

Why should you vote for him?

Deangelo said in school he was the manager of the baseball, basketball and hockey teams and equipment manager for the football team.

He had two professional internships with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia 76ers, so he knows what it’s like to work in a multimillion dollar industry and can bring some of that experience to running the town with fiscal responsibility.

“I’ve faced a lot of adversity over the years, I’m a  fresh face, I’m determined and fresh out of college,” he said. “I want to hear from Orange residents. I feel that the Orange government is not involved in the lives of Orange residents. I want everyone to know that they can come to me with whatever they need.”

“I have the utmost respect for Mr. Zeoli, I just think the town is a little outdated,” he said.

“I know the odds are not in my favor, because I will have two powerhouse opponents, but if elected I will see what I can do about getting Millennials involved, and get more people registered to vote,” he said.

Deangelo said he is the big underdog, but he’s ready for the challenge and will be going full force until Nov. 7, adding that he plans to run a clean campaign without the mudslinging that we see all too often.


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