Sep 182017

The Connecticut SAT test scores and updated rankings for the 2016-17 school year were posted to SchoolDigger TODAY.

We know that many Orange and Amity residents moved here because of the schools. Now you can see for yourself how the Orange and Region 5 Districts ranked against other Connecticut schools.

The Orange School District ranked 40th out of 132 in the state of Connecticut.

Here’s how each of the three elementary schools rated:

Peck Place School

Peck Place School 

Grades 1-6

349 Students

13.4 Student/Teacher Ratio

84.6 Average Standard Score (2017)

Ranked #79

Down 10 slots from last year

Race Brook School

Race Brook School

Grades 1-6

369 Students

12.7 Student/Teacher Ratio

76.6 Average Standard Score (2017)

Ranked #145

Down 6 slots from last year

stock photo of Turkey Hill School

Turkey Hill School

Grades 1-6

293 Students

12.2 Student/Teacher Ratio

72.2 Average Standard Score (2017)

Ranked #161

Down 75 slots from last year

Amity Regional District #5 ranked 6th of 132 Connecticut districts

Amity Middle School Orange ranked in the top 10 of 240 Connecticut Middle Schools

Amity Middle School 

Grades 7-8

392 Students

11.5 Student/Teacher Ratio

92.3 Average Standard Score (2017)

Ranked #8

UP 20 slots from last year

Amity High School ranked in the top 20 of 109 Connecticut High Schools

Amity High School 

Grades 9-12

1,524 Students

12.1 Student/Teacher Ratio

88.8 Average Standard Score (2017)

Ranked #12

Retains same ranking as last year



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