Oct 262017

Back row: Adam Glassman, Landon Rocchio, Frank Cavallaro, Mason Beaudette, Spencer Stratford, Aayan Chaturvedi Middle Row: Jade Krukar, Anna Varholak, Alana Abrams, Zoe May Front row: Jasmina Krehic, Madison Samoncik, Colleen Shaw, and Caityln Shanley

By Jennifer Marganski

Many seventh and eighth grade students at Amity Middle School Orange submitted essays this year to shadow fifteen different local positions in the town. Pictured are the students who had the opportunity to shadow local town government officials.  The students learned about local government from Town Clerk Pat O’Sullivan and were also able to take a private tour of historical buildings in Orange Center with First Selectman Jim Zeoli. 

October has come to mean Government Day in Orange and on a bright Wednesday morning, fifteen students were able to not only learn about some early events in their town’s history including its separation from Milford but also about the founding families of the town, including the Treat and Clark families who have played pivotal roles in the Orange community. 

Students had an opportunity to introduce themselves to local government officials and explain why they wanted to participate in the day shadowing local leaders.  They were even interviewed by the OGAT channel!

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