Feb 082018

A “watchdog group” at Petful.com shared this information on Thursday evening, Feb. 8.

WJLA-TV, an ABC affiliate out of Washington, D.C., tonight announced the results of its months-long investigation into pet food, and the results are “explosive,” according to reporter Lisa Fletcher.

The investigation team says it discovered traces of pentobarbital, a powerful sedative often used as a euthanasia drug, in tested cans of Gravy Train dog food.

Pentobarbital is a very dangerous contaminant that can be fatal to dogs and cats.

The reporting team at WJLA partnered with independent testing labs to test dozens of samples of various wet dog food brands in the wake of last year’s recalls of Evanger’s and Party Animal because of pentobarbital contamination.

“The FDA now says it will investigate” Gravy Train, the TV station told viewers.

J.M. Smucker, the maker of Gravy Train, says it has “launched a thorough investigation.”

Until we learn more details, we advise that you stop feeding Gravy Train immediately if you’re feeding it to your dog. We will update this post as more information emerges.

NOTE: I read some heartbreaking comments from pet owners whose dogs were suffering from problems such as losing the use of their hind legs and bladder control after eating this food. Please, if you have it get rid of it!

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