May 272018

The summer edition of the Orange Life Magazine has been out for a couple of weeks, so most, if not all Orange residents have it somewhere in their home now.

Orange Life (no relation to Orange Live) is a quality magazine put out by the Orange Economic Development Corporation. I call it a coffee table magazine because it’s full of well-written stories and beautiful photographs. You can pick up and look at this month, next month, or five months from now, it just never gets old.

A while back Maryellen Bespuda asked if I had photos from last summer’s open house at the Stone Otis House’s new garden. I was able to locate them and gave them to OEDC Executive Director Annemarie Sliby for use with an article about the garden. She chose to showcase one on the front page.

I am honored to be a part of this season’s Orange Life Magazine.

Enjoy reading about the garden and be sure to visit the Stone Otis House this summer when they offer another garden tour. It really is beautiful.

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