Aug 112018

During this week’s Selectmen’s meeting, a resident said she wished there was a way to be better informed of what is going on in town.

She said that because of her busy nighttime schedule she can’t attend meetings and it would be nice to know what’s on the meeting agendas and maybe have access to the meeting minutes.

She and some other residents obviously haven’t been following Orange Live regularly and depend on print newspapers for their news.

For years we’ve provided agendas and meeting notes with our “Notes in a Nutshell” feature.

One thing, in particular, is a post we published on October 26, 2017, entitled “Introducing The New Town Of Orange Website — It’s Fabulous!”

Had everyone read that, they would have known that the town website offers meeting agendas, meeting minutes, and an option to get push notifications when new items that would be of interest are added to the site.

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We have direct links to the Orange Government Access Television site and “On Demand” OGAT video site, which its administrator, Ron Davis said is the main source for traffic to these sites.

Below these, we’ve added a box that will lead you to the town website so you can connect to the Meeting Agendas and Minutes easily.

Orange Live is, and always has been, dedicated to the town of Orange, you won’t find stories from Milford on our pages, but we do share information from Amity High School in Woodbridge because Orange students go there, play sports there and perform in its theater program. We also occasionally include items from the Beardsley Zoo, which is Connecticut’s Zoo, and only a short car ride away, in Bridgeport.

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