Dec 272018

The Amity varsity Swimming and Dive Team was on the road in Wallingford on Thursday, Dec. 27 for its second season meet.
The matchup between the Amity Spartans and the Sheehan Titans resulted in a 98-74 victory for Amity.
Amity’s winning events:
200-yard Medley Relay: A- 1:49.47 Tyler Roy, Ray Lu, Kevin Sweeney, Shiva Gowda
200-yard Freestyle A- 1:59.08 Nic Robinson
50-yard Freestyle: A- 23.66 Tyler Roy
100-yard Butterfly: A- 1:01.16 Jared Sullivan
500-yard Freestyle: A- 5:18.87 Connor Hallstrom
200-yard Freestyle Relay: A- 1:38.36 John Alvarad, Ray Lu, Nic Robinson, Tyler Roy
100-yard Backstroke: A- 59.22 Shiva Gowda, 
Sheehan’s winning events:
200-yard Ind. Medley: S- 2:09.78 Joseph Zellner
Diving: S- 252.90 Andrew Buehler
100 Freestyle: S-51.52 Andrew DiDomenico
100-yard Breaststroke: S- 1:05.99 Joseph Zellner
400-yard Freestyle Relay: S- 4:09.37 Richard Zellner, Adam Shoshani, Aaron Gamble, Andrew Buehler

Records: Amity 2-0, Sheehan 0-2

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