Mar 132019

State Representative Charles Ferraro testified before the Environment Committee to express his support for legislation to ban single-use plastic bags and to oppose legislation to tax plastic bags on Monday.

Rep. Ferraro, who has degrees in Biology and Fishery Biology, said that every year, anywhere from about 8 to 12 million U.S. tons of plastic end up in the world’s oceans.

“Unfortunately, we collectively treat the oceans worse than most of us treat the inside of our cars,” explained Rep. Ferraro.” Approximately 40% of the world’s 7.6 billion people live within 62 miles (100km) of an ocean coast. For the other 60%, some of whom may never have even seen an ocean, the seas still play a vital role in their lives. Using such alternative bags will help lower the amount of throw-away plastic bags, thus helping conservation efforts.”

Rep. Ferraro introduced similar legislation to ban plastic bags this session, House Bill 6640.

House Bill 5019, a bill introduced by Governor Ned Lamont looks to tax the use of plastic bags instead of banning them outright. Rep. Ferraro said he is opposed to this legislation because it allows consumers to continue their use.

“If we are going to get serious about the use of plastic bags, it is my opinion that we need to ban them,” added Rep. Ferraro. “Placing a tax allows consumers to continue their use thereby sending the wrong message that, plastic bags are bad but if we can make money on them then they are okay enough for us to look the other way, not to mention that it would amount to just one more nuisance tax on our residents.”

For more information or to track the legislation visit www.cga.ct.gov.

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