Apr 082019

Race Brook School students held a very successful drive in March to show their care and support for the children at the Hall Early Learning Center, part of the Hall Neighborhood House in the East Side of Bridgeport. Hall’s Early Learning Center provides services to over 270 preschool-age children through enriching, hands-on curriculum.

Race Brook School’s Student Council, directed by third-grade teacher Janet Greenspan, worked tirelessly to collect hundreds of new or nearly new books, educational games, puzzles, and craft supplies for the children at the center.

Devoted Student Council members at Race Brook School in Orange show their support for the Hall Neighborhood House in Bridgeport with a special drive to collect gently used or new books, educational games, puzzles, and craft supplies.

Fifth-grader Remmy C. really enjoyed contributing to the success of the drive. “I’m happy I was able to help make the flyer for collecting donations. I felt terrific knowing I was helping younger children.”

The Hall Early Learning Center is affiliated with and supported by the Jamie A. Hulley Foundation. The foundation has a special place in the hearts of the students and staff of Race Brook School in Orange. Jamie attended the school from
1987 to 1993. Throughout her young life, Jamie was very involved in the arts. Jamie’s Fund helps to provide the children at the center with enriching experiences in literature, art, music, and theatre. Race Brook students hope their donations to the center will provide hours of educational and creative
enjoyment for the children.

Third-grader Ashlie A. emphatically stated, “I feel lucky I was able to help younger kids. Being on Student Council, I had the chance to collect toys, books, and art supplies to put smiles on many children’s faces at the center.”

Fellow classmate Sophie C. added, “I think it was important for me to take part in making the flyer and inform the school about the drive. The Jamie A. Hulley organization gives our school many grants to help us run fun enrichment programs. This is our way of giving back.”


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