Jun 052019

Parade Chairman Kevin Gilbert thanks Karen Goldberg for her service during the Memorial Day Ceremony

It has been my pleasure to work for the Town of Orange for the past 37 years. One of the duties of my job as Office Manager – Selectman’s Office included secretarial work for the Memorial Day Committee.

The Committee, made up of 20 Orange residents from all walks of life, work tirelessly and meet every other week from March to May to choose the parade honorees from Grand Marshal, Honorary Chief of Staff, Honored Veteran and Keynote Speaker.
It is not an easy task and they work very hard to choose the best candidates. Other duties assigned to the Committee include hiring marching bands and putting all the organizations in marching order down Orange Center Road to the Orange Cemetery. 
All residents of the Town of Orange should thank the Memorial Day Committee for their hard work year after year. Their main concern is to have the best parade and they have been successful year after year.
I thank the Memorial Day Committee for their parting gifts. They were overly generous.
With much appreciation, 
Karen S. Goldberg

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