Jun 152019

Middle School Math Masters

Students from Amity Middle School in Orange participated in the New England Math League Contest earlier in the school year. 

Edward Han, a seventh-grader on Team X, received a high score of 33 out of 35 questions.  He and his teammates received a total score of 141 points. 

Amity Middle School in Orange was designated as the highest scoring school in the region.  Edward Han was identified as the highest scorer in the region and was invited to the 8th Annual Math International Summer Tournament at the College of New Jersey.  

Amity Middle School received a plaque to acknowledge the fine work of the students.

Pictured are the five students who contributed to this excellent high score for the school: Edward Han, Aarav Patel, Ellen Ko, Haseeb Chaudry, and Annika Yun.

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