Jun 302019

2,000 plants in 2 hours

What happens when you own a farm, but your job keeps you too busy to keep up with planting season?

Residents know Jim Zeoli as the Orange First Selectman, many are frequent visitors to his Shamrock Farm for fresh produce in Spring, Summer and Fall and his spectacular wreaths, trees, kissing balls and sprays at Christmas.

Usually, everything runs like clockwork at the farm while he tends to business at Town Hall, his hired help work the fields and man the farmstand. But this year, it’s been unusually busy at the office and a couple of fields still needed to be planted this weekend.

So how do one man and a couple of hired hands get 2,000 veggie plants into the ground before the rain hit the area? It’s simple, just ask for help.

On Friday afternoon a little after 2 p.m. Zeoli posted a request on his Facebook page. “Looking for some volunteers for Saturday 8 am to help get some vegetable plants in the ground. I don’t often ask, but I’m running behind. In the dirt shoes required. Thanks”

The empty field was prepped and at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning help arrived.

It didn’t matter if you were an experienced gardener or not, the system worked seamlessly. Some helpers removed the plants from the trays and dropped them into the pre-dug trenches. Other volunteers followed and buried the roots and secured the plants into the ground.

At 9:58 a.m. the job was complete and everyone went home, feeling quite proud of their accomplishment.

Zeoli told Orange Live that the young men he hires have done a wonderful job this year, but things have been busy on the town side and he fell behind.

He posted the following note on his Facebook on Saturday afternoon: “I just want to say thank you to all that helped this morning! I don’t stress very often, but I wanted the plants in before the showers and you helpers made it possible! Thanks.

This is Orange at its best.

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