Aug 092019

The regular meeting of the Orange Board of Selectmen will take place at Town Hall on Wednesday, Aug. 14 at 7:30 p.m.

Call to order

Fire Exits

Pledge of Allegiance



PUBLIC PARTICIPATION (2 minutes per speaker)



* To consider and act upon the minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 10, 201 9


1. To consider and act on the approval of the Nonprofit Organization Resolution (enclosure) – First Selectman Zeoli

2. To consider and act on a bid recommendatiotx for the replacement of Boiler #2 at High Plains Communittl Center

3. To consider and act on a bid recommendation for the replacemem of a 150 kW generator at the Orange Police Station

4. To comider and act orx a bid recommendation for the purchase of a 6 wheel, 48,000 lb. GVWDump Truck for the Public Works Department

1 s. To consider and act on closing out the contract with New England Infrastructure, Inc

6. To consider arid act O/I enacting a fee for the disposal of demolition and building materials at the Transfer Station

7. To consider and act on reconsideration of voting location

8. To comider and act on Fred Wolf Park land clearing

9. To comider and act on the request to approve the Tax Refunds for the momh of April in the amount of $6415.04


* discussion of pay rates ans insurance co-pays for non-union salary and hourly position/iob duty reallocations

Close Executive Session and convene into the Regular Meeting


* 7’o cqnsider and act on pay rates and insurance co-pays for non-union salary qnd hour4y positions job duty reallocations Adjourn Regular Meeting


1. Capital Planning – Selectman Okenquist

2. Pension Board – Selectman Goldblatt

3. Bond Construction Oversight – Selectman Goldblatt

4. Personnel Committee – Selectman Zeoli, Okenquist and Davis

2 Adjourn


Approved Minutes – Public Hearing & Regular Board of Selectmen Meeting


2019 Firemen’s Carnival Raffle Prizes

2019 Country Fair Book 3

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