Sep 042019

The Orange Country Fair is a little more than two weeks away, do you have your contest entries ready?

Have you been buffing up at the gym for the skillet toss or the haybale throw?

Are your tomatoes bug and blemish-free and ready to show off? Have the bees been flocking to your garden to pollinate all of your beautiful flowers? The weather is getting cooler, so keep that in mind if you have a particular plant in mind as a fair entry. It may be beautiful now, but what will it look like in two weeks after a few chilly evenings and windy, rainy days have had their turn to change their appearance?

Have you chosen your best photographs and matted them to display? How is that painting coming along? Have you found the right frame to compliment it yet? Have you completed that needlepoint project or the quilt you started early in the summer months?

If you’re a baker, there’s a contest for you, too. Check the fair booklet for all of the different available categories and get busy!

Did you know that there is a scarecrow contest? YES! It’s a long-standing tradition that seems to have fallen by the wayside over the years, but if that’s something you’re good at, why not make a scarecrow and have him ride shotgun on the way to the fairgrounds on drop off night, Friday, Sept. 20.

Entry Forms must be mailed on or before Friday, Sept. 6.

If you can’t find a physical copy of the fair booklet, you can access it online at www.orangectfair.com and find all the information you need to succeed. 



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