Dec 202019

The Amity Spartans Boys Hockey Team hosted the Daniel Hand Tigers in West Haven on Dec. 18.

Under the leadership of head coach Michael Scooter Richetelli, the “young” Amity players held their own against the Hand team (nearly equal makeup), which is coached by former Amity coach Brian Gonsalves.

Hand came onto the ice with a vengeance and quickly showed that they meant business. During the first 3 minutes of the game (:41; 1:06; and 2:47) the Tigers scored three goals.

Amity’s Connor Bath (#14) answered back with the Spartan’s first goal, a power play, assisted by captains Justin Miller (#4) and Nick Kiwanis (#22)

Amity managed to hold off Hand in the second period and the score stayed at 3-1 until the end of the third period.

With 3:49 remaining, Hand slipped another goal past goalie Sai Neelam (#29). The Tigers finished the game with a fifth goal with 1:11 left on the clock, defeating Amity 5-1.

Saves: Amity 27, Hand 26.


The referees were really paying attention to what was going on during this game, handing out penalties like candy canes at a Christmas parade.

Often the penalty boxes had 2 players from each team sitting it out.

Hand had 14 penalties to Amity’s 10. Most of the penalties cost the players 2 minutes of downtime, but some were in the box for 10-12 minutes. There weren’t too many chants of “You can’t do that” because players on both sides were “doing it.”

Amity Coach Richetelli said the boys still have some work to do, “But we’ll get there.”

We agree. There’s a lot of talent on this team, “young” or not. They just need the confidence and experience to know when to make that move.




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