Jan 032020

Use Your Chamber Membership

Often businesses aren’t sure how to best use their chamber memberships. They understand that chambers are an advocate for business but what do they do? The Orange Chamber is your opportunity center!

Here are some ways that the Chamber is able to help improve and grow your business. Even in the virtual world, people do business with others they know, like, and trust. Networking at the Orange Chamber’s events can help you start to establish important relationships to building business.

Attend the Orange Chamber’s monthly “Morning Jolt” Coffee & Conversation gathering where business professionals meet other professionals, share information, concerns and promote their business. The activity lasts one hour and is held at Chamber member locations. Attendees give a 30-second commercial highlighting their business and members who host a “Jolt” have the opportunity to highlight their business with a presentation.

To be successful you need to get involved. Being associated with the Chamber is a good thing. Getting involved will help you become more than just a face at a networking function. The Chamber is always looking for volunteers for short-term and long-term projects.

Chambers are always asked for referrals. The Chamber has a fabulous online directory that ensures your name gets in front of people looking for your services. The Chamber website is one of the first places the general public goes to look for local businesses. Orange Chamber members administer their information/listing on the website.

The Orange Chamber is well-regarded. Positive associations with the chamber will lend credibility to your business. A business that joins the chamber cares about the community in which it operates. Sponsoring Chamber events and programs puts your business in front of the people and increases the awareness of what you do.

Most business owners don’t realize that chamber benefits extend to their employees. These benefits can be very valuable in the eyes of your team.

Chambers need content just like your business does. Ask us what our needs are. If you have knowledge that could benefit other business owners, we may just be looking for your expertise. Write an article and send a photo for the Chamber weekly email. We need knowledgeable professionals to speak at events. This is an opportunity to be a resource for others.

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. Asking the chamber how you can be of assistance may open doors to you and expose opportunities that you hadn’t thought of. The Orange Chamber represents and advocates for all businesses in the community but you never know what we need help with. Being at the right place at the right time can be very advantageous. Volunteer and be rewarded!

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