Jan 062020

The Jamie A. Hulley Arts Foundation based in Orange recently awarded Amity Middle School in Bethany $3,000 in grant awards for three creative proposals to integrate arts into its curriculum.

Eighth-grade social studies teacher, Marika Wissink, was awarded $1,000 for a special interdisciplinary project.

Ms. Wissink’s students will work with visiting artist, Heather Stoltz, to create a fiber arts project where
students create fiber art to demonstrate their learning of the 19th-century social reform movements.

Eighth-grade social studies teacher, Robert Murphy, was awarded $1,000 to host singer/songwriter Laura
Clapp to collaborate on an interdisciplinary project where students will create music to demonstrate their
learning of reform propaganda and its’ relationship to the 19th-century social reform movements.

Seventh-grade social studies teacher, Nick DaPonte, was awarded $1,000 to have the Okra Dance Company
perform “Journey into Africa”.  This is in conjunction with the social studies unit on African Geography and
Culture, the English classes reading “A Long Walk to Water”, and the special Global Issues project for all

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