Jan 292020

The Amity Spartans played two periods of great hockey on Saturday, with first-time goalie Aiden Courtney in the net.

First Period

Amity was first to score with an unassisted goal by #27 Dom Harris getting past the Icecats’ first-time starting goalie Louis Alfidi with 3:08 left on the clock.

Second Period

The Spartans returned to the ice with a fighting spirit and Capt. Nick Kiwanis #22 scored on a power play at 1:37, assisted by Caleb Marcin #6.

At 8:18 the Spartan confidence was high when Connor Bath #14 shot one past Alfidi, assisted by Harris.

Third Period

Brookfield (BBD) Icecats had a lot of catching up to do and from the parent’s point of view, they made a lot of desperate moves trying to land the Spartans in the penalty box. There was a lot of dramatics on the ice, with Brookfield players falling backward when no one was around them, and crashing onto the ice without so much as a Spartan or hockey stick in their path. Yet it was done apparently out of the line of sight of the referees who called penalties against Amity players anyway. The unnecessary roughhousing was ridiculous as well. (But what do I know about Hockey rules?)

Halfway through the period, Kyle Boller scored for the Icecats on a power play.

Then at 10:51, an unfortunate “Not A Goal” call in the third period gave BBD its second point. What happened was contestable, and caught on video by the station filming it above the announcer’s box and in clear view from where I and several parents were standing.

Courtney clearly made a stop and all play had halted on the ice. When he moved to stand up, the puck magically appeared from under his waist (about 16″ from the goal line) and gently slid past the line and into the net. NOT A GOAL, right? Well, imagine our surprise when the Ref called it, and the announcer said “BBD Goal by #13 Bryce Wallace, assisted by #28 Anthony Britton. A power-play goal by Wallace.”


But it wasn’t contested, and those who witnessed the injustice of a non-goal had to forever hold their peace.

Sadly, with :30 remaining in the game, Boller made his second goal of the game, unassisted tying the score at 3-3.

The overtime period was fastpaced and filled with more dramatics, BBD ended up in the penalty box 3 times in those 8 minutes, Amity received one penalty.

To demonstrate just how desperate the opposition was, the formal score sheet listed one BBD player’s penalty with :22 remaining as “Too Many.”

No I’m not a parent, and I’m not supposed to have opinions on sports, but Amity was robbed because of the third period Not A Goal.

Coach Richetelli’s only comment was, “They (BBD) played the game. They came out and played the game.”

I will though, give credit where it’s due. Amity outshot BBD nearly 2-1 but Alfidi did an unbelievable job for his first time tending goal. I think he made 54 saves, maybe a couple more.

Of course, our own Courtney also worked really hard making about 27 saves (and one that he wasn’t credited with).

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