May 132020

Orange Firemen’s Carnival

Summer and Fall are HUGE Event Seasons for the town of Orange, but the Coronavirus is making it difficult to do any event planning that will guarantee the safety of its volunteers and guests.

The Memorial Day Ceremonies and Parade have been canceled.

So far, the Orange Farmer’s Market and Orange Country Fair are on stand-by and only time will tell if either can go on as usual.

One tremendous tradition that has been canceled though, is the 2020 OVFD Carnival. The carnival has been a vital fundraiser for the Orange Volunteer Fire Department for decades.

This undoubtedly was a very difficult decision for the department, as it depends on the funds from the raffle and food sales at this event to purchase equipment and provide training for its members.

Orange Live will keep you updated on the status of other future events as we are provided with that information.

Also: The Orange Town News hosts the Independence Day Concert and Fireworks, and last I heard this event has been postponed until possibly Labor Day.

The Cost of running it is astronomical and Rocky depends upon donations from local businesses, but with the coronavirus adversely affecting so many businesses, the money hasn’t been coming in this year.

Maybe this situation will change as the state and local economy begin to heal from this ordeal. If you’ve attended the extravaganza in past years, I think you know that people are packed in like sardines due to its popularity, so if social distancing is still recommended in early September, It simply won’t be possible.

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