May 142020

Following is a statement from Rep. Themis Klarides:

“The lack of transparency and blatant disregard for any public input or comment about critical government functions – the safety and health policies that must guide us in the coming months – is appalling. The people who run the businesses and are the backbone of our economy are the first people we should talk to, not out-of-state consultants who will earn millions telling us how to run our lives.

“And we learned of this development from the Lamont administration just after its chief public health official was fired.

“We have a 50-member ‘Reopen Connecticut’ council in place, most of whom are not subject to Freedom of Information Act statutes, and now we find out that the administration has awarded a $2 million no-bid contract to a Boston firm to carry out the work.

“Gov. Lamont, on one hand, preaches transparency and then conducts business behind closed doors without any consideration of FOIA laws. What else is going on that we don’t know about now, but may learn of in the near future?”


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